AfriCanis Stock Guardian Dogs

The AfriCanis (dogs of Africa) is a recognised Landrace of indigenous dogs occurring in Southern Africa. These wonderful dogs are descended from the dogs of the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt and Libya) namely the Pharaoh hounds, the Pariah dogs, the Saluki and the Basenji .

It is believed that these dogs travelled down Africa via the Great Rift valley with migrating Bantu peoples. These migrations could well have been triggered by the expansion and oppression of the Roman Empire as they subjugated most of North Africa.

It is felt that by 600 BC the Bantu people and their hardy dogs were endemic in Southern Africa. These wonderful dogs have been selected over time by their environment for disease resistance, hardiness in times of famine, a natural affinity for children and livestock due to them living in close proximity to their human owners. Dogs that snap at children or attack livestock were killed with out exception.

Although there is a good deal of variation in phenotype most of these dogs are about knee height (22” to 24” at the shoulder) or a bit shorter. They weigh in at between 20 and 25 kgs. They can be found in any colour or multiple colours. They are very loyal and will defend their homesteads, humans and livestock charges unto death. We have had a dog called Semane defend our sheep against a crocodile at the cost of his own life.

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Semane and Missy

We have sourced our breeding stock from the Tugela Valley (Msinga) as well as in central Zululand. Our dogs are used exclusively to protect our livestock and they really take their jobs seriously. They are very friendly to us as a family and to our staff but will not tolerate strangers or predators near our livestock out in the veld during the day or near our kraals at night.

We breed a litter of pups from time to time. Our pups are stock born and raised; by this I mean that they are born in the kraals and the very next things that they lay eyes on when their eyes open other than their mothers is us and the livestock.

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Stock Born and Raised