News Letter Vol 5: #5

(May 2018)

Good day every one, I trust that all of you that will read this month's newsletter are fit and well and that this newsletter will not only let you know what is up in our lives but that you will get something of value out of this newsletter. Enjoy the read!
Well the winter has arrived with us already having experiencing several good cold fronts. Now in South Africa with the arrival of the cold weather arrives the hunting season. Our second youngest son Falcon kicked this year's season off with a nice bow hunted Springbuck ram in the Queenstown area of the Eastern Cape on the property of an old friend of ours, whilst hunting with an old Cedara friend of his Tommy Jauffret of Mauritius.

IMG 20180521 WA0014
Falcon and His Springbuck

IMG 20180520 WA0005
Falcon and Tommy with Tommy's Eastern Cape Kudu

The rainy season in the summer rainfall areas has come to a natural end this month but not before we received a 6 mm shower in the middle of the month. However it is now the much needed and awaited time for South Africa's winter rainfall area to get its share of rain as the cold fronts roll in from the southern oceans.
Whilst up in Bloemfontein I was chatting to Deon Vlok who farms in the Calvinia district of the Western Cape and he was telling me that they had just had their first rain in six years, he said that they had an average of 30 mm across his properties. We thank the Lord God Almighty for this blessing for the farmers in the drought stricken areas. We also stand bin prayer with those farmers in other parts of the Western Northern and Eastern Cape that have yet to have any rain; we trust the Lord to show His love and mercy and to send rain.

Our rainfall for the raining season 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2018 is as follows:
September 2017 -- 21.0 mm
October 2017 -- 88.0 mm
November 2017 -- 101.0 mm
December 2017 -- 89.0 mm
January 2018 -- 32.0 mm
February 2018 -- 111.0 mm
March 2018 -- 92.0 mm
April 2018 -- 105.0 mm
May 2018 -- 6.0 mm
Total for 2017/18 to date 645.0 mm
Quote Worth Re-Quoting –
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." Jimmy Johnson

RH Ranching's Canis Africanis news:
On our RH Ranching stock guardian front we do not have too much news this month other than our bitches are both in the finest o health and we are looking to the further pairings of these two top class bitches to Blue and Bhubesi in the near future in order to produce yet another generation of top notch Stock Guardians!
We are looking forward to the first weekend in June when our friends Lourens and Marilieze Erasmus come down to the KZN IVG Club's Commercial Auction. They will be bringing down a 14 month old male "Blikkies" and five pups all bred out of our blood lines of Stock Guardians. We will be putting "Blikkies" on the auction in order to increase the awareness of these wonderful small stock management tools. The biggest yellow male pup is going to our son Caleb's personal dog and we have two orders for the other pups.

IMG 20180507 WA0011 1
Pups out of our blood lines that we are awaiting.

It was a tremendous blessing to receive the two photos shown below by Dr Henning Steinhagen of his beautiful AfriCanis neutered male (of the Maluti type) with his herdsman and his flock.

IMG 20180505 WA0048IMG 20180505 WA0049

RH Ranching's Free Range Chickens:
These wonderful birds are laying flat out and our young birds are growing very well indeed and we are able and blessed to be able to bless so many of our friends with top quality healthy free range eggs from stress free, hormone free birds!
Our ducks are not only giving us good table birds but their large, strong shelled, deep yellow yoked eggs are a very firm favourite with the family on a Sunday night when my beautiful wife Robyn makes us her gourmet omelettes. These omelettes are just to die for.

RH Ranching Live Stock Trading:
This month saw us reaping the rewards of some of the back ground / home work that we did in April. We marketed 50 young merino ewes. The marketing was for an old client of ours and our buyer was a new client who remarked that he was very happy with our service; hopefully this means he will be doing business with us in the future both selling and buying!

IVG News:
There is a lot of really great news on both the KZN IVG Club side as well as on the IVG SA side this month. To say that things have been hectic is an understatement!
The first event for IVG SA this month was NAMPO which is held just outside Bothaville in the Freestate. A total of 82 000 people visited this year's show and the members that represented IVG SA at the show all said that the interest in the stand was very unbelievable. Several new members joined IVG SA at the show and we saw several people that visited the stand ended up being buyers at the Bloemfontein Regional auction.

 IMG 20180515 WA0001IMG 20180515 WA0002

On the Club side of things we had a busy time preparing for the Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg that opened on the 25th of May and will run through to the 03rd of June 2018. A big thank you is due to my lovely wife Robyn, the Club's vice chairman Mzo and our secretary/treasurer Pieter, along with Graham Gauche of Gauche Air and Jacque van der Merwe of Jacque's Abattoir in Estcourt our stand would not have been the success that it turned out to be. Once again THANK YOU for the tremendous help and support you guys gave to me and the whole task.
The slaughter goat fattening project that we undertook with the sponsorship of EPOL and the resulting carcass on display in the stand along with the very tasty Chops Braai that we hosted on the Sunday night in the Sheep and Goat Judging hall was a remarkable success and resulted in a lot of interest in a goat carcass competition being held at the 2019 Royal Agricultural Show.

20180527 11422620180527 11424820180527 15100320180606 125037 1


Now as soon as the Club's stand had been set up on Thursday the 24th and ready for this year's Royal Agricultural Show's opening day on Friday the 25th and I headed up to Bloemfontein. My trip to Bloemfontein was in order to attend a board meeting as well as the AGM of IVG SA and the Bloemfontein Regional IVG SA auction to be held on the 26th of May 2018.
The AGM went off very well with a lot of head way being made in IVG SA adopting and overseeing the WhatsApp auctions that had been initiated at a club level in the past. This will now give IVG members a bigger platform upon which to market their stock.

Another exciting motion that was put forward and we saw the adoption thereof was that of the desperate need to develop a strong base of commercial IVG farmers using both pure IVG lines as well as Composite flocks (cross bred flocks comprising of crosses between the various IVG eco types as well as crosses between IVG lines and Ennobled lines. This will give IVG SA a good base from which to build the stud sector of IVG SA.

20180526 11093620180526 111438

The auction was a great success and saw several new members joining IVG SA. Very good prices were achieved across the board, thus putting Bloemfontein back on the map as a top notch venue for an IVG SA auction.
IMG 20180617 WA0000
Deon Vlok of Calvinia bought the highest priced Xhosa Lob Ear ram (which was the highest priced ram on auction) from Schalk Van Der Walt for R15 000-00.

Deon Vlok also purchased the highest priced Northern Cape Speckled ram for R10 500-00 from LGL NKS Stud (Louis and Gerhard Lourens) of Pretoria.

IMG 20180528 WA0001

Then the highest priced Mbuzi ram was sold by Amanda Lerm from Bloemfontein to Riaan van der Burgh of Winburg both in the Free State for R2600-00.

IMG 20180528 WA0003 1 1
Amanda Lerm also sold the highest priced Mbuzi ewe with kids to Lionel Whittal of Bolo/Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape for R3400-00.


IMG 20180528 WA0002 1

RHR Mules and Polo Ponies:
This month saw us selling a 7 year old gelding, "Sundancer" that we have just made to Tommy Haines of Bishopstowe and playing at Lions River Polo Club for his 12 year old son

IMG 20180618 WA0003 1

The young gelding "Dash It All" is coming along very nicely and is a very quick learner with a really nice temperament. I am looking forward to seeing him go to a new home in the early summer.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –
"Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone."
Neal Donald Walsch

It is now time to bring this month's News Letter to a close, so from all of us here at RH Ranching we pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will draw you all closer and closer unto Himself. Thank you for ready this News Letter and we pray that you are kept safe for this month of May.
Please do remember that you can contact us directly via email from this website by going to the "Contacts Page" and following the prompts or on these numbers- Hilton 072-372 9065 and Robyn 082-428 6641 we would love to hear from you!
Now my prayer for all of you is that the Lord Jesus Christ will become a reality in your lives and that He will become the Lord of your lives.
Best regards,
Hilton and Robyn Sanders.