Newsletter Vol 5: #6

June 2018

Good day every one, all of us here at RH Ranching trust that this month's News Letter finds you guys all fit and well! The Lord has been good to us and we are all in good health.

This month no rain / precipitation fell on any of the ground that we run our operation on, this is not that all unusual for June. Historically we can expect some rain in the month of July. This will be really good for the dry land oats that has been planted in order to give our in foal mares (which are all due to foal at the end of September 2018) a good bite of green feed or the last month of pregnancy. This has been done in order to ensure strong healthy foals at birth and for the mares to have a good strong supply of milk to kick the foals off on (excuse the pun).

Over all we have had a very good but busy month, with the 2018 Pietermaritzburg Royal Show ending and all the catch up work there after plus our youngest son Caleb, myself, Fana (the huntsman) and five hounds plus a terrier called Spring and Caleb's AfriCanis pup Bhubesi headed to Mpumalanga to follow up on a wounded stock killing Leopard. The cat had a very light flesh wound to its right lower front leg from a badly placed shot.

It happened to be an on heat female that was traveling in the company of a big tom. The tom caught and killed a big Common Reedbuck doe or them which they completely devoured bar the skin, paunch, hooves and skull. So we made the decision to pull the hounds off the trail and let her live and hopefully turn to eating duikers etc again.

Below is a photo from a few years ago of another Leopard tom that our eldest son Jesse, myself and our hounds Lynx, Bobcat and Loafer were involved in the recovery of.



Our rainfall for the raining season 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2018 is as follows:
September 2017 -- 21.0 mm
October 2017 -- 88.0 mm
November 2017 -- 101.0 mm
December 2017 -- 89.0 mm
January 2018 -- 32.0 mm
February 2018 -- 111.0 mm
March 2018 -- 92.0 mm
April 2018 -- 105.0 mm
May 2018 -- 6.0 mm
Total for 2017/18 to date 645.0 mm

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."
Winston Churchill

RH Ranching's Canis Africanis news:
This month we have not had too much going on in the AfriCanis department other than Lourens Erasmus brought down "Blikkies" who we subsequently auctioned as the opening lot on the KZN IVG Club's first Commercial Breeding Animal auction on the 02nd of June 2018. "Blikkies" went to the family of the Baynesfield area to run with their Mbuzi Flock. From all accounts he has settled in very well.

Lourens also brought down a total five pups out of the litter of seven; they kept two bitch pups to place in their own flocks – Juvare Veld Bokke. Two male pups that went to Dr Henning Steinhagen and Alex Gordon; these pups will be joining their existing Maluti type AfriCanis which so ably guards their Mbuzi flock. As this flock is increasing in numbers so are a couple more dogs required.

Then two of bitch pups have gone up to Gerhard Van Geest of the Northern Free State to run with the phenomenal little bitch "Scooby Doo' that we sold to Gerhard in 2017. Gerhard is also in a flock expansion stage in his Meat Master stud.

The seventh pup and to my biased way of thinking has been kept by us as a companion dog and blood spoor for our youngest son Caleb. This incredibly clever little fellow we have called Bhubesi (Lion in the Zulu language).

Bhubesi and Caleb have bonded very well and do almost everything together, including going to Polo and on a wounded problem leopard recovery! Below are a few ultra-cute photos of Caleb and Bhubesi at rest at the Royal Show, the Karkloof Classic Polo Tournament and in front of the TV.


RH Ranching Live Stock Trading:
The trading was nice and brisk this month as we marketed a nice starter flock of Makatini type Mbuzi ewes plus a young ram to Mr Charles Caldwell. Charles is a retired Sugar Cane farmer that has decided to turn his hand to breeding goats.

It is important to us as a family that each batch of breeding females be they goats, sheep or cattle as well as all breeding males be they rams or bulls that we market settle in and adapt well on their new properties. We feel that it is crucial to our business that the breeding stock that we source for our clients do well for them and make them a profit!


IVG News:
Well the 2018 Royal Agricultural Show came to an end with the KZN IVG Club's inaugural 1st Annual Commercial Breeding Animals Auction. We had a really good turnout both from the sellers and the buyers. We had good breeding material on the auction from the following Eco-types – Mbuzis (Nguni Goats), Xhosa Lob Ears and a few Northern Cape Skilders. We also had a good offering of top class Composite ewes as well.

Buyers came from as far afield as Naboom Spruit in Limpopo and Koffiefontein in the South Western Free State.

Below are the photos and the prices of top selling animals.


Top priced Xhosa Lob (XL) Ear Ram R8600-00 sold by the Claasen Family to Erik De Witt


Top Priced XL Ewes R3900-00 each sold by the Claasen Family to Paul Kalil


Top Priced Mbuzi Ram (Kid) R6000-00 sold by Paul Kalil (Out of RH Ranching Genetics) Lourens Erasmus


Top Priced Mbuzi Ewe R2600-00 sold by Biggs Brothers to Lourens Erasmus

Please remember that the KZN IVG Club will be holding a farmers day on the property of Mr Hennie Terreblanche of Llangwane Estates, Pongola at 10am on Saturday the 14th of July 2018. If you would like to attend or enquire about any other of the KZN IVG club or IVG SA functions please feel free to contact me on my cell (see below) or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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"There are two great days in a person's life – the day we are born and the day we discover why."
William Barclay

Please do remember that you can contact us directly via email from this website by going to the "Contacts Page" and following the prompts or on these numbers- Hilton 072-372 9065 and Robyn 082-428 6641 we would love to hear from you!

Now my prayer for all of you is that the Lord Jesus Christ will become a reality in your lives and that He will become the Lord of your lives.

Best regards,
Hilton and Robyn Sanders.