News Letter Vol 5: #8

August 2018

Good day to all of you our readers, clients and friends from all of us here at RH RANCHING this lovely hot and windy last day of August 2018. We are blessed to report that we had a windy August and that should herald a good rainy season.

We had three cold fronts reach us this month with resulting good snow falls on a lot of the mountains in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape as well as in KZN and the southern regions of the Northern Cape. These fronts delivered 29mm of rain to us, which was greatly appreciated and has caused the grass to green up and start to come away. In another two to three weeks’ time we will have our stock on green grass! 

Our rainfall for the raining season 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2018 is as follows:

September 2017 --                   21.0 mm

October 2017 --                        88.0 mm

November 2017 --                  101.0 mm

December 2017 --                     89.0 mm

January 2018 --                         32.0 mm   

February 2018 --                     111.0 mm

March 2018 --                            92.0 mm

April 2018 --                             105.0 mm

May 2018 --                                 6.0 mm

June 2018 --                                   Nil

July 2018 --                                   3.0mm

August 2018 --                            29.0mm

Total for 2017/18 season    677.0 mm


So even though our total annual rainfall for the 2017/2018 rainy season has not been as good as in previous “normal” years, we need to rejoice in the rains and resultant grass and veld production / growth that these rains brought which in turn fed our livestock and allowed us to market livestock and make an income to feed, clothe and educate our family.

We thank our Father in Heaven for His supply of bountiful rain this last season and for breaking the drought in most of South Africa. We pray that the areas of our country where the drought has still not been broken that God will show these areas and their people mercy and send His life giving rain both physically and spiritually, Amen. 


Quote Worth Re-Quoting – 

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

~ Winston Churchill


RH Ranching’s Canis Africanis news:

Early this month we got a message from one of our clients Gerhard van Geest from the North West province, to say that this had raided his Meat Master flock and in the process Scooby Doo along with the two young bitch pups that I had sent him recently (in the beginning of June) had put up a heroic stand. Their loyal and fierce defence of their flock had resulted in all of them being injured to some extent from badly battered and bruised to Heidi having to have pins put in her hip and pelvis to repair the fractures (she is now well on the mend).

With this all said all thirty five ewes that the thieves had tried to steal were recovered!! Praise Jesus and we thank Him for helping us to breed, train and work with such lovely loyal stock guardian dogs.

Earlier in the month Wilhelm Willemse of Pongola sent me a couple photos of one of two brothers (bred out of Missy by Semane) that he uses to guard his stock especially against Leopard predation. Well not only are these dogs good at their stock guarding duties but they love looking after visiting children on game drives on the ranch!





Please remember that our pregnant fairies Sparky and Scorpion are expecting puppies at the end of September and in the first week of October. We are taking limited bookings for pups from these two litters; therefore if you are interested please could you give me a call on 072-3729065.

RH Ranching Live Stock Trading:

The trading side of our business ticked over once again with our son Caleb and I taking a road trip up to Hope Town in the Northern Cape where we purchased two very nicely put together young Xhosa Lob Ear rams for our client Mr Mzo Makhanya. This was a very enjoyable all be it quick trip with us seeing some really cool ideas along the way plus a lot of game including Giraffe which really pleased Caleb. 


1 2




We have clients looking for the following livestock, if you have any of the following or know of some who has got any of these animals for sale please contact me on 072-3729065or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -

  1. 130 Northern Cape Skilder ewes (commercial quality)
  2. 50 Xhosa Lob Ear ewes (commercial quality)
  3. Hampshire Down Starter Flock of 20 ewes and a ram.
  4. We also have 5 Damara breeding rams for sale (2 x full mouth and 3 x six tooth) all are sound and fertile, run on Heart Water Veld.
  1. We have a lovely composite ram for sale, out of a well-managed heart water flock. This ram comes out of a flock of adapted large framed hardy goats.



RH Ranching Mbuzi Stud and IVG News:

Things are looking good for the KZN IVG Clubs’ Elite Auction on the 20th of October 2018 to be hosted at the Sheep and Goat Section of the Royal Agricultural Societies Pietermaritzburg Show Grounds.

At present we have an entry of 75 Elite quality breeding rams and ewes, some with kids at foot on offer, I am still awaiting for the entries from several other breeders which should enable us to take the Elite portion of the Auction up to 100 ewes and 10 to 15 rams. There are quite a few ewes with kids at foot as well as in kid ewes.

We will also have a slaughter goat section to the auction and these goats will be sold on completion the Elite auction. Here again we are hoping for 100 to 135 head, thus giving us a total of 250 head on the auction.

Watch this space at the end of September for more details!

RH Ranching Pasture Fed Free Range Poultry:

With the ending of winter and imminent onset of spring we are seeing a steady increase in our birds laying production with this month of August being our highest month of production since starting two years ago. This I feel can be attributed to several factors –

  1. We have got a handle on our theft issues since one of our staff members has left. The thieving of both eggs and birds has come to an abrupt halt and we thank and praise Jesus for this fellow’s departure.
  2. A lot of our home bred birds have now started to come into production.
  3. Due to the fact that we do not use artificial light the increase in day light hours has led to a higher feed intake which has led to an increase in production.

I was sent a photo by one of our friends whom we blessed with eggs of one of our eggs that he was having for breakfast as a boiled egg. He was very complimentary on the following points;

  1. The egg shells are nice and hard and not fragile as in battery produced eggs.
  2. The colour of the yolk is an “amazing deep yellow to orange colour”.
  3. They taste much richer than battery produced eggs.


The boiled egg in discussion


In June we sent 18 fertilised eggs up to our friend Lou Erasmus of Naboom Spruit in Limpopo, he ate three and put the reaming 15 in a newly acquired incubator. He hatched 9 of the eggs and the birds are now 9 weeks old and growing rapidly. It blesses us when we hear that our stock is doing well for other people. 



Lou’s chickens.



This year is now two thirds done and August 2018 is also done and dusted, never to be repeated nor revisited. Many things in life can be redone, repaired or rectified all but time. Whether your time is used well and productively or if you just squandered it away you can never redeem it. Therefore one must do ones utmost to spend ones time wisely on the things that profit one in eternity.

These are – time with the Lord God Almighty, the one and only living God; with one’s family; with ones friends and then on making an income.


Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

“I can’t change the direction of the wind – but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

~ Jimmy Dean

Please do remember that you can contact us directly via email from this website by going to the “Contacts Page” and following the prompts or on these numbers- Hilton 072-372 9065 and Robyn 082-428 6641 we would love to hear from you!

Now my prayer for all of you is that the Lord Jesus Christ will become a reality in your lives and that He will become the Lord of your lives.

Best regards, 

Hilton and Robyn Sanders.