News Letter Vol 3: #6

News Letter  #6
(June 2016)

Hey there all of our readers! I trust that you guys are all fit and well and that June has been a blessed month for you!

We are now just over half way through the Southern Hemisphere’s winter and the days are starting to get longer and the nights shorter. Summer is a coming and yes the hope for a good raining season is also getting closer. It is in God we trust for the coming rains and an end to this very hard and trying drought that Southern Africa has been experiencing. The Western Cape is already seeing Gods hand at work as their winter rains have arrived, farm dams are filling up and streams are flowing again!

Our rainfall for this raining season (2015/2016) to date is as follows:-

September 2015 -- 28mm
October -- 16mm
November -- 71mm
December -- 129mm
January 2016 -- 139mm
February 2016 -- 39mm
March 2016 -- 132mm
April 2016 -- 4mm
May 2016 -- 7mm
June 2016 -- mm
Total for 2015/16 to date 526mm


News Letter Vol 3: #5

Newletter #5

(May 2016)
Yet another month has gone by, a month where most of our news is about our Mbuzis. It is also another month that has passed in the annuals of man’s history on this here planet that we call home. A month that joins all those gone before it over the last several thousand years, a month never to be seen again a month never to be repeated again, sad times and joyous times now gone forever. Now all of those times are just memories, for me this is a sobering thought.
You see we only get one shot at life here on earth as we are just passing through, the Bible shares Gods Word on this with us in so far as it gives an average sojourn on earth as three score and ten (seventy / 70) years. We are here to practice living either for ourselves or for God Almighty our creator and it is this average life span of three score and ten that dictates beyond a shadow of doubt as to where you will spend eternity.
God’s Word tells us clearly that we are either for Him (Jesus) or against Him, we either gather with Him or we scatter. Jesus said: “ I am the way, the truth and the life no one gets to the Father but through me.”
So here one can see that there is NOTHING in God’s Word about an in-between stance nor does His Word say that all roads lead to Heaven and God! Only Jesus leads to Heaven and all other roads, religion and philosophies lead to hell.
So the question is –
So where do you stand in relation to your temporary position here on this earthly sojourn in relation to the reality of but a two camp eternity?


News Letter Vol 3: #3

(March 2016)
March has come and gone, oh so quickly! Summer is “over” and autumn is here, or is it all four seasons here in, if not one day the space of a couple of days. We have had very hot days (a tad unusual for this the most beautiful time of the year) and nice and cold days all in one week!
IMG 20160505 WA0001


News Letter Vol 3: #4

(April 2016)
Well autumn has arrived; Hmmmmmm, or is it a second round of summer punctuated by the odd winters day? My oh my have we had some cooking hot days here in the thorns with temperatures reaching into the high 30’s and low 40’s (Centigrade)!

Not only has April been a month of extreme temperatures but also a month of very little precipitation. This current prolonged drought should be of great concern to all of us in Southern Africa especially as we head into winter; the dry season for all but the areas of the Western Cape that experience a Mediterranean climate.

A great number of farmers across the country have cut their breeding herds and flocks to the absolute minimum and are yet still very low on grazing and water let alone having anything put aside for winter feeding and in many cases there is no money left to buy fodder even if it was available at a reasonable price. This puts them in a very precarious position; a position from which many farmers that even if they can hang in until the rains hopefully come in the spring may still not recover from financially.

We desperately need (a) rain and (b) the government to take a far more pro-active approach to the devastating effect of this drought. Sadly neither of these two scenarios is happening. So I therefore implore each and every one of us reading this newsletter here in Southern Africa to save water at every chance that one gets.

Now let us go from saving water to saving diesel. A hobby / passion of mine for many years is Animal Traction, the use of draught animals to accomplish various tasks on the farm or in industry or just as a means of transport. We as a family have had our lives enriched over the years; by the use of donkeys (a four hitch team of really magnificent Jacks) to pull an antique two wheeled scotch cart that was used originally by the Reiche family of the farm “Kortkranskloof” to deliver cream to the Wartburg station.

Over the years various staff members and I have been involved in training spans / teams varying in number from a single span of two oxen up to a full span of sixteen oxen. We have also had a number of single spans (teams) of oxen that we have trained and used to do a multitude of tasks for us around the farm yard. A few of these spans / teams had names like - “Tswana” & “Pondo”; “Swartberg” & “Sandman”; “Blom” & “Pot” and current span/team “Mandla” and “Sdudla”.

IMG 20160506 WA0002
Shibas with Mandla and Sdudla taking friends for a trip around “Newington”


News Letter Vol 3: #2

(February 2016)

Good day to you all! My prayer for today is that all of you who read this newsletter will not only enjoy it but that the Lord Jesus will meet with you in a deep and personal way today. 

To kick this newsletter off, I would like to take a look at the changing world that we are living in. Yes there has always been change and as the saying goes “change is here to stay”. It is how we handle the changes to the world around us that will dictate whether or not we will still be in business or have a job in the future. By this I mean we need to adapt to the changes in order to stay viable however in adapting to the changes we must not succumb to the temptation of taking short cuts or even more importantly of not selling our souls for what looks like a good idea, quick fix or a fast track to riches.

To my way of thinking right now there are three major changes occurring in the world at the moment that are very visible and having an impact on nearly every human being on the planet. The first of these changes (I have not listed them in any particular order of importance or due to the effects that they are causing), is the shifting and shaking that is taking place in the economic world, secondly we have major changes occurring in the global political arena. Then thirdly we have the changes occurring in the global weather patterns.

All of these changes have been predicted in the Word of God by His prophets from the beginning of time. The Word of God clearly tells us in……… that we must look at the times we are living in and recognise that time is short. So we need to make ourselves right with God by accepting His son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour because it is only through Jesus that we may be saved unto God. John 14:6(2)

Water the essence of life
The Mooi River thunders over Zulu Falls in Middle Rest.

Water is the essence of life – Living Water