RHR Polo and Polo Ponies

After a twenty five year absence from the Polo Field and from the schooling of Polo Ponies (but not from the schooling and training of both mules and horses) Hilton along with two of the children; namely Falcon and Ashleigh have started schooling Polo ponies.

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At RH Ranching we believe in taking a very “individualistic” method of training Polo Ponies due to the fact that as with people Ponies are individuals and a “one size fits all approach” will not yield the best results. In short we like to work our Ponies in accordance with their own speed and ability of learning. 

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Our Ponies receive a lot of ground work prior to being backed, if they have been  backed elsewhere before coming to us, we go right back to basics as we see sound ground work as a foundation upon which to build.

Once we are happy with their ground work, we start schooling them bit less in order for them to learn and accept the correct leg aids. They are then schooled in a Polo bridle to perform all of the required manoeuvres in order to get their rider to the right place at the right time during the match. We spend a lot of time on stick and ball schooling as well as ride offs and general “Bomb Proofing”.

We like to produce “Chilled” Ponies!

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We will source and school ponies for you the client or back and school your home bred ponies as well as take in “problem” ponies to re-foundation and re school in order to get the ponies to achieve their very best potential. 

We also do Polo Mallet repairs, from Head replacements, Grip replacements, Splicing of broken Canes to the complete revamping of mallets.

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